Last July, me and my daughter Jadyn visited our old hometown,  Orlando and we acted like tourists. There has been so many changes through the years that doing the touristy thing seemed right. It was so hot that day, so I decided to leave my bulky digital camera at home and just used my Iphone 6s plus and Nikon n70 to document the day. I knew that it will be a hit and miss with my images but I didn't care, all I know is that, at some point I have to nail this film thing. So here goes, these are the images i think made it to the hit list. I still have a long way to go but I think I am headed the right direction...

FILM : Fuji Superia 400

CAMERA : Nikon N70

Community over Competition / A Styled Shoot Collaboration / San Francisco/Bay Area Photographer

In June, the Rising Tide Society Monterey Tuesdays Together had an awesome collaboration among talented creatives spearheaded by Laura Hernandez of Laura Hernandez Photography. It was one of the most organized and stylish shoots I have ever attended. The images you will see below are a mixture of the different set-ups from seniors, to family, maternity and wedding. Hope you enjoy the images as much I enjoyed that day. Happy viewing!!




Venue : Asilomar State Beach                                     Dress : Justin Alexander 

Organizer : Laura Hernandez Photography                Boutique : Epiphany Bridal Boutique

Event Design : Danya Collyer Styling                         Florals : Twigs Floral Design

Stylist : Be Loved Events and Design                         Hair : Glamology Beauty Lounge

Production: Voltage Visuals                                       Make-up : Glamour by Maggie

Video: Estrella Films                                                  Rentals : Forage Vintage Rentals

Florals : Floral Design by Reian




So, sometime in June, I decided to find someone to mentor me on film and I could not be any luckier to meet Michele Beckwith of Michele Beckwith Photography. She was very laid back and easy to talk to..she helped me create these images below with my Mamiya 645. Shot with some Fuji 400H and Portra 400. I can only hope that I can recreate the look in these images again on my own:-)

MENTORING : Michele Beckwith

HMUA : Carrie Aldous

The First Time I Shot Film Again

I didn't have a digital camera until 2005, when my youngest daughter was born. I've always shot with a film camera but I never went past the auto mode. When I decided to make photography more than just a hobby, I found myself drawn to a certain look, and to my surprise, the look I love most is shot on film. I have purchased many presets that emulate film, but then I realized that the only way I can really appreciate my images more  is to shoot film  again, but this time I was determined to go beyond the auto mode. So, when we went on a short vacation during the kids spring break, I brought my nikon n80 that' s been hidden for over 10 years and some fuji superia and just went on shooting. I was worried that nothing would come out of it but to my surprise some images actually looked good...here are some of the images that I took. It's far from perfect but hey, it's a start...


We Are Having A Baby

Ali and I met at a Photography workshop and since then have become friends. I shot their engagement photos a few days before their engagement party that turned into a surprise Wedding with family and friends surrounding them. When she told me she is pregnant with her first baby, I was so excited to photograph their pregnancy announcement. She is one of the most radiant mom to be I have ever met. She was only 4 months pregnant here and her belly barely shows. Congratulations Ali and Ben!! I am certain that you both will become awesome parents to your little one as evidenced by the love you show for each other. Can't wait to see your pretty baby girl soon.

Source: www.jecka.co/blog

Meet Ali and Ben

Ali and Ben are one of the most beautiful couples I have ever met. Ali is so sweet and Ben is smitten. I met Ali at a photography workshop and when I found out she was engaged, I knew I wanted to take her engagement photos, so I offered and I was excited that she accepted. We did our shoot at the Sutro Baths on a Tuesday. and waited for sunset to take an amazing silhouette. These amazing couple had their engagement party that Saturday and to their guests' surprise, they turned it into their wedding day instead...how's that for celebrity style...

A Styled Bridal Shoot // The Vivify Workshop // Reinstein Ranch

Introducing Ms Summer Hill.....A Bridal Shoot

Design and Coordinator : Mariee Weddings             Flowers: The Bloom Bar

Video and Photography : Tre' Creative                     Jewelry: His Jewels Creations

Venue: Reinstein Ranch                                              Hair & Make-up : Imagi by Fiona

Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals

Dresses: J'aime Bridal


Jo and Will Engaged

This beautiful couple met 3 years ago...Jo claims that it was love at first sight for Will and that she played hard to get at a mutual friend's party. Fast forward 3 years later....when Will asked Jo to marry him, the answer was an easy YES! no more playing hard to get.  They were such a fun couple to work with...they climbed over rocks just to get the perfect  shot....we had a lot of fun and there was a lot of laughter that day.

A Day In Napa - A personal post

Yesterday was a blast with 2 of my friends that I have known for over 20 years...Emma lives in Hercules, Ca, about 1.5  hours away from me and Marvin came all the way from Canada to play volleyball with Emma's husband Allan. We had a lot of laughs in the car as me and Marvin criticized how Emma drove like an old lady...needless to say, I drove on the way back home. We stopped by at Brix Restaurant for lunch. The food was not just delicious but the view was to die for....all in all it was an awesome day.....