Last July, me and my daughter Jadyn visited our old hometown,  Orlando and we acted like tourists. There has been so many changes through the years that doing the touristy thing seemed right. It was so hot that day, so I decided to leave my bulky digital camera at home and just used my Iphone 6s plus and Nikon n70 to document the day. I knew that it will be a hit and miss with my images but I didn't care, all I know is that, at some point I have to nail this film thing. So here goes, these are the images i think made it to the hit list. I still have a long way to go but I think I am headed the right direction...

FILM : Fuji Superia 400

CAMERA : Nikon N70


So, sometime in June, I decided to find someone to mentor me on film and I could not be any luckier to meet Michele Beckwith of Michele Beckwith Photography. She was very laid back and easy to talk to..she helped me create these images below with my Mamiya 645. Shot with some Fuji 400H and Portra 400. I can only hope that I can recreate the look in these images again on my own:-)

MENTORING : Michele Beckwith

HMUA : Carrie Aldous

The First Time I Shot Film Again

I didn't have a digital camera until 2005, when my youngest daughter was born. I've always shot with a film camera but I never went past the auto mode. When I decided to make photography more than just a hobby, I found myself drawn to a certain look, and to my surprise, the look I love most is shot on film. I have purchased many presets that emulate film, but then I realized that the only way I can really appreciate my images more  is to shoot film  again, but this time I was determined to go beyond the auto mode. So, when we went on a short vacation during the kids spring break, I brought my nikon n80 that' s been hidden for over 10 years and some fuji superia and just went on shooting. I was worried that nothing would come out of it but to my surprise some images actually looked good...here are some of the images that I took. It's far from perfect but hey, it's a start...